How Do You Answer the Interview Question, ‘What is Your Greatest Weakness?’

by 9 years ago


Whether college is coming to an end, you are unemployed, or you are just looking for an internship, job interviews are one of life's greatest annoyances. The entire process of readying your resume, filling out applications, and actually getting called in to be interviewed is slow, tedious, and painful. Frankly, it is about as enjoyable as spending time with the elderly — it something you ultimately have to do, but the fact remains that you don't really want to do it because it's not fun and like grandpa's general odor, it stinks of something fierce.


I ask this question today because a friend recently asked me my advice on how to answer one particular interview question, the one that seems to present itself in every interview you will ever face. That question is: What is your greatest weakness?


Now even if you have more than a hundred weaknesses — from your inability to pleasure a woman to the cleft lip you were dealt at birth — the key to answering this question is to always come up with a weakness that in some way sounds like a strength. An easy example is saying you're “way too overzealous sometimes,” as in you want to accomplish too much. But that's the answer that every HR guy has heard a thousand times. What more creative weaknesses have you come up with? Please purge your thoughts so that younger bros can ace this question in the future, rather than be stumped by it.