How Am I Just Seeing This Anti-Masturbation Video Jehovah’s Witnesses Made for Deaf People Dubbed with 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ ?

by 4 years ago


Let’s forget about the 50 Cent factor in this video. What I want to know is: why don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses want deaf people to whack off? Are they afraid that these people will also go blind and really have the odds stacked against them? That has to be it. Because bustin’ nuts is top drawer fun, even a witness of Jehovah has to know that. Shit. If you can’t get your nut out from a lady (or a dude, if that’s your vehicle of pleasure), why the fuck wouldn’t you masturbate? Do not even try to tell me, “because it’s a sin.” I’d rather you say, “because the intense burst of pleasure I get from a wet dream is fuckin’ euphoric.”

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