Bros Beware! There’s A Porn App That Snaps Pics Of Users’ Dicks Then Demands Ransom

by 5 years ago

You’re sitting there with your dick out, whacking it to your favorite type of porn, when all of the sudden your phone takes a photo. You just assume you accidentally hit the “camera” button while you were feverishly choking your choade. The next thing you know, there’s a message on your phone blackmailing you for money. This is not just some crazy nightmare, this is actually a real thing that is happening to our fellow masturbators.

The ransomware pornography app is called Adult Player, and it infects Android phones with malicious files. Once they are installed, it takes control of the front-facing camera, which allows it to snap pics of people jerking off. Then a message appears with a photo of said masturbator, and a demand of $500 be transferred via PayPal, otherwise they will release your embarrassing photo. The app then locks your phone so you are completely helpless.

This devilish app was discovered by the security company Zscaler.

Please use some caution when pulling your pud when it comes to porn on your cell phone.