100 Applebee’s Turn into Nightclubs after 10 PM, Creating Inevitable @DadBoner Plot Twist

by 6 years ago

100 Applebees, located predominately in Central Florida, have begun a makeover of their stores by renaming themselves “Club Appelebee's” after 10 p.m. It's all the top-shelf margs and bold flavors you could ever want after the kids go to bed. 

From Business Insider:

Some Applebee's restaurants in the south are sexing up their family-friendly reputation and becoming known as “Club Applebee's” between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The new Applebee's endeavor even has a website where people can post pictures from the girl's nights, luaus, or blacklight parties they have attended. The chain's senior VP-beverages, Brian Masilionis, told Ad Age that only about 100 Applebee's have embraced the club environment—they're particularly prominent in Central Florida.

We've long held an obssession with the Twitter account Karl Welzein (@dadboner) at the office, so we've got to wonder how he'll handle this news. It's a combination of his two favorite things—drinking the night away and the 'Bees. Got to think he'll take this well, and maybe even consider a trip to Florida to check one out. You guys.

(You know it's time to stop writing for the day when you start speculating about future plot twists of a fictional Twitter account.)

Via Business Insider


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