Adultery Website Ashley Madison Offers a New No Risk Proposition

by 9 years ago

Like it or not, the heavily scrutinized website has 8 million active members worldwide. That is a stunning fact, since you have to actually be looking for an affair to join. This isn't for the loveless losers on This is Ijustwanttof* The grief of 8 million is truly one man's treasure. And that man is founder, Noel Biderman.

At the renewal of his own wedding vows, Biderman said he would gladly pay back the money to any and all failed cheaters who could not find a fling by following the websites guidelines. He also warned prospective cheaters that his website is not “just an online brothel.” He also said that, “If you want to find the right level of success, we think there is the commitment level you need to make, and if it doesn't work out for you then we'll give you your money back.”

And all this time we thought they just took carefree, no-strings attached sex with good-for-one-thing trollops.

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