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by 6 years ago

Q: What is the best way to get a girl to go down on you when she fundamentally doesn't enjoy giving head?

A: Getting somebody to do something they aren`t fond of is not an easy task. First, you want to initiate a dialogue about what you want. She won`t be thrilled, but continue with asking her why it bothers so much. Lastly, hear her out. There are many reasons why it may make her uncomfortable to give you head. Don`t forget to add an incentive. Reciprocation is key.

Q: I want to have a three-some with my boyfriend and another guy.  My boyfriend doesn't want to because he is afraid the other guy's dick might be longer and I might enjoy sucking it more than I suck his. What to do?

A: Adding another person in the mix to any type of relationship can be tricky. Reassure your boyfriend, that no matter what, he is number one in your eyes. The size of a man's penis has nothing to do with feelings for one another. I`ve found that size really has no bearing on sex. It is entirely in the way your partner performs.

Q: Do porn stars have like groupies like rock stars.I guess what I'm asking is have you ever had sex with any of your fans?

A: This answer may differ depending on who you ask but I have not had sex with a fan. That doesn`t mean I haven`t been asked but when I look for someone to be intimate outside of work, I want not only a connection but complete trust.

Q: I have always been the nice guy and that has only proved to be a one-way ticket to the friend zone. However this has also proved effective in some cases. How do I continue to be the nice guy while also avoiding the friend zone?

A: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the nice guy. Yes, you may get friend zoned but in the end you will come out on top. Continue being the genuine person that you are and things will fall into place.

Q: I cheated on my now ex-girlfriend (because she found out), but I regret it a lot day and she hates me now but I want to try and get her back is there anything I can do?

A: I`m sorry to disappoint you, but I agree with her decision. I have been cheated on any numerous amounts of times and find if it happens once it will happen again. Take this mistake as a life lesson and use it to your advantage when in your next relationship.

Q: Do you think that you could have a serious relationship and being the porn business at the same time? Would you give it a try if you found the right guy?

A: For me, porn is a job, nothing more and nothing less. I hit the snooze button, drag my feet, don`t always want to go to set, etc. I would be able to have a serious relationship given my partner understood that work is work. I keep my home life completely separate.

Q: My girlfriend enjoys performing oral sex on me, which I love. But she wants to do it in public. She said it will add to the thrill. I'm afraid we may get caught in the act. Any tips on having sex in public?

A: In one of my scenes I gave head in a car wash. Start with something like that: easy and hidden. Remember, if you get caught you run the risk of going to jail and/or being labelled a sex offender.

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