10 Athletes Who Make the Most Endorsement Money

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The folks at Wall St. Cheat Sheet just dropped this list of the 10 athletes who make the most endorsement money per year. It’s not exactly a surprising list but not a single football or baseball player made the it. I would have assumed Peyton Manning or Derek Jeter could have cracked the top 10, but I’m sure they’re not having performance issues in the bedroom over it — yeah, I just decided that ED is the modern day equivalent of “losing sleep” over something.

10. Rafael Nadal, $21 million

9. Cristiano Ronaldo, $21 million

8. Maria Sharapova, $23 million

7. Usain Bolt, $24 million

6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, $28 million

5. Kobe Bryant, $34 million

4. LeBron James, $42 million

3. Phil Mickelson, $44 million

2. Roger Federer, $65 million

1. Tiger Woods, $65 million

If nothing else, this serves as proof that having Vermont as the only state where you’re the most Googled athlete pays off BIG TIME.

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[H/T: Wall St Cheat Sheet, Image via Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports]

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