The Average Age Of Porn Viewers By Gender, By Country And What Each Is Searching For

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Our friends over at Pornhub are back with some more insightful information gleaned from their user database. This time they’ve delved deep into their demographic data to discover just how old the people are that are viewing their, uh, work. And after compiling their research they came up with several interesting tidbits.

For example, the average age of their user is 35.3 years-old, whereas the worldwide median age is currently 29.7 years of age. Male users average age 36, while the woman are 34 on average. Pretty even.

Unsurprisingly, the 18-24 age group views more than the other five age groups at just over 30%, but women in that group represent 5% more than the men.

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Pornhub Insights

When it comes to age by country, Japan has the oldest average age at 41.1, while India checks in at just 30.3 years-old. The United States is pretty much at the Pornhub average, coming in at 35.5 years-old.

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Pornhub Insights

The real interesting part comes when they checked into the most used search terms by age. 18 to 24 year-olds are really into lesbians and stepmoms, while on the other end of the spectrum those over 65 years-old seem to be more interested in things like massage and cartoons. That being said, they also found that those over 65 spent the longest amount of time on the site. They must really like their cartoons.

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Pornhub Insights

Check out the entire study and many more charts, because this was only a small portion of what they discovered, over at their always informative blog.

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