Awesome Teacher Carly McKinney Suspended After Calling Students Jailbait, Posting Half-Naked Pics

by 6 years ago

From the Daily Mail:

Carly McKinney, a math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado, was placed on paid administrative leave on Tuesday after admitting to a local TV station that she created the Twitter account CarlyCrunkBear (@crunk_bear) with the help of a friend.

The page, which has since been taken down, included explicit photos of the blonde teacher along with multiple posts about smoking marijuana on school grounds.

Cherry Creek School District officials responded by saying that all employees are trained about social media use and are encouraged not to post anything online that they would not want to put on the classroom blackboard.

In a phone interview with MailOnline Tuesday evening, Tustin Amole, director of communications for Cherry Creek School District, said that officials launched an investigation into McKinney's conduct after learning of the allegations from 9News. 


Here's why I think this is all really funny (except for the unfunny reality that McKinney has been put through the ringer and didn't deserve to have all this kicked off by a TV station): When you're in your 20's, you come to the realization that the teachers you had growing up, primarily the young ones, were just like you are now. All the partying you do, all the un-PC jokes you make, all the shit you talk about friends and strangers—your teachers were doing the exact same thing. You looked up to these people, you feared them, you saw them as either these impossibly strict disciplinarians or these absolute saints, but they still got drunk and had the lives back then that you have now.

I went out drinking with a friend who's in TFA last week and watched a group of Bronx elementary school teachers get absolutely shitfaced. Which was really funny, because A.) the entire night turned into a succession of teachers yelling some sort of variation of “I LOVE MY KIDS BUT I WANT TO KILL THEM” and B.) It was amazing to watch these people who are serious about their work cut loose, forget about their serious obligations to K-through-5 kids, and blow off steam before going back and being great teachers. It made me realize that all the best younger teachers I had growing up had to do the same thing in order to keep some semblance of sanity.

So if no one had any problems with McKinney's teaching—and I think it's safe to say that she probably was already very good at keeping the guys in her classroom at attention—then reinstate her. She sounds awesome. Just please watch what you say online in the future.