Awesome Bald Eagle Swoops In And Steals Fish From A Boat As Reminder That He’s The Alpha

by 9 months ago

You can be the greatest fishermen on the planet and you’ll still pale in comparison to birds of prey. The Bald Eagle is one of the greatest hunters in the animal kingdom because the powerful wings enable it to stop and turn on a dime. I suppose it’s unfair to say that the bird is ‘hunting‘ here when it’s truly scavenging, but this awesome footage gives us a sense of how gracefully these enormous birds can swoop in on a fish undetected.

This video was filmed by Ashton Philips in British Columbia. The fisherman had laid a freshly cut fillet of salmon on the boat’s engines, and somehow managed to have the camera rolling when a majestic bald eagle swooped in and stole the fish for a free meal. He then slowed down the video so we could watch frame-by-frame as this apex predator did what it does best: ambushed.

I live on a lake full of largemouth bass and tilapia, and I get to watch Ospreys hunting/fishing back there all day long (I usually work from home). If I had to name my ‘favorite hunter’ in the animal kingdom it would probably be the Osprey because I get to see them so regularly, but it’s hard to deny how badass the American Bald Eagle is…Or, for that matter, the Harpy Eagle. Shit. Now I’m just rambling about which birds hunt like badasses. What am I even doing right now?

(h/t @DouglasStuff for sending me this)

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