Check Out This HUGE Basking Shark Swimming Next To A Kayaker Off The Pier In Panama City Beach

Full disclosure: This video is a couple years old, but with spring break around the corner in Panama City Beach, it’s more relevant than ever.

You know what'd be scary as hell? You're spending a relaxing day kayaking in the Gulf Coast, enjoying the breeze and paddling peacefully. Everything is just wonderful until you look under the azure water and, BOOM, there's a 20-foot sea monster under your puny 10-foot boat. That's sort of what happened last week to a kayaker in Panama City, Florida. Fortunately, the beast was a docile Basking shark (the second largest species in the world), which eats plankton instead of, you know, people. Captain Linda Cavitt captured some pretty spectacular footage of the encounter.

Check it out above.