Batshit Old Man Is Putting Porno Pics In His Home Windows To Annoy His Neighbors

by 5 years ago

old man porn window

First ISIS, then Ray Rice, then Adrian Peterson, and now, an old man named “Jimmy” (somehow appropriate, I suppose) is causing problems in this country we know and love as ‘Murica.

What is “Jimmy” doing that’s puts him in the same class as those others we named? He’s just putting pornographic photos in the windows of his home because he doesn’t want Indian neighbors, that’s all.

The photographs can be seen clearly from the public sidewalk. They are so vile, so intentionally pornographic, that just about anyone would be offended by their public display, especially, the father of the 4-year-old boy who lives right next door.

“My son! He’s four! My nephews are 7 and 9 and they come over and they see this. This is ridiculous it has to stop,” said Sanjeev Aggurawal, a neighbor.

When asked by ABC 13 Eyewitness News reporter Jim Dolan why he is putting the photos in his windows, “Jimmy” replied, “I’m drying them out, they got damp last night.” Totally logical. “That’s my artwork,” says “Jimmy.”

Of course the cops have been called, but “Jimmy” is a smooth operator and takes the pics down when the fuzz arrives. Then he puts them back up after they leave, of course.

Head over to ABC 13 to see “Jimmy” in action. He’s quite the lovely man.

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