BBC Personality Removed A Chunk Of His Own Leg To See What Human Would Taste Like

by 3 years ago

Ever find yourself sitting around, staring off into the distance thinking, “Hmmm, I wonder what human flesh tastes like? Might it be something I fancy?”

If you answered “no,” congratulations, you’re normal and probably don’t belong in an institution. If you answered “yes,” then, well, this video is for you because you’re going to get some kind of an answer without actually having to eat any human flesh. So, YAY?

In the above video, which is definitely Not Safe For Life, BBC presenter Greg Foot has a doctor remove a chunk of flesh from his leg. After that, he cooks it and then smells it without actually eating it, because apparently eating human flesh is illegal. Go fuckin’ figure.

After Foot smells his cooked flesh, he then found several meats that mirrored the scent and he cooked a burger from those meats so he could most accurately simulate what eating his own human flesh would taste like. According to Foot, “I think that’s the closest I’ll ever get to eating human, and I tell you what – it’s pretty good.”

The scary part of that quote is that he “thinks” it’s the closest he will ever get to eating human meat. Guess he’s not closing the door on actually doing it in the future. And that’s not at all concerning.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go jab a pencil into my mind’s eye.

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