BBC Reporter Gets Slapped By Woman After ‘Accidentally’ Grabbing Her Breast

by 3 years ago

I thought that the BBC meant British Broadcasting Corporation, but BBC apparently means “Ballsy Boob Cupping.” A broadcaster for BBC (No, not like Kelly Divine) had a hands-on and embarrassing TV moment where he got slapped after accidentally groping a woman who got in the live shot.

Reporter Ben Brown was interviewing assistant political editor Norman Smith when a woman appeared in the live broadcast. Instead of politely asking the chick to move out of the shot, he pushed her out of the way… by grabbing her boob.

Such a weird place for him to grab her. Especially since he wasn’t blindly pushing her. He looked at her squarely then pushed her away on the titty, not her shoulder, her titty.

The woman responded by smacking him.

What’s the over/under of this guy getting fired?

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