Is ‘The Beeramid’ The Next Great Invention For Beer Pong?

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Beer pong-themed inventions are a huge deal on Kickstarter. Many inventive Bros with an eye for a quick buck have tried to enhance our favorite classic drinking past time over the years. For example, there’s Vert-pong, invisible side walls, slip-cups, and, most recently, hex-cups, a hexagon-shaped Solo cup so you can rack your cups better.

The latest invention to fall on our radar is The Beeramid.  It’s a base with four pedestals for four cups, so you can play with a wide variety of vertical cup stacks. It makes pong even more like a carnival game, more or less:

The Beeramid is a new twist on the classic game of beer pong. Similar to beer pong, each side is comprised of ten cups and each cup is filled with a beverage of the players choice. The cups are arranged on three tiers, six on the bottom, three in the middle, and one on top, creating a pyramid-like structure.

The base and every pedestal is designed with a lip to prevent the cups from falling. They are also designed to fit a wide variety of popular keg cups, even the brands with square bottoms.

Every set comes complete for a standard two team match (two bases, two large pedestals, six small pedestals) and is packaged in a convenient drawstring backpack.

The Bros who started it are looking to get it funded for $17,000 on Kickstarter. With a $40 pledge to the Kickstarter, you a set of two Beeramids to play with your friends this summer. It gives a scores of combinations for cup formations, including an elevated one like this: 


If it seems like your thing, go check it out over at Kickstarter.



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