Bert The Broker Is Back And Now He’s Terrorizing Children At Lacrosse Camp

Here’s a little test, guys: How long have you been reading BroBible? Two years? Three years? Do you even remember Waffles McButter?

Does the name Bert The Broker ring a bell at all? Because it should — That proud Northeastern asshole was a fixture on this site back in 2010 before retiring from Wall Street at the tender age of 26 to a real estate brokerage in Montauk. Bobby Boatshoe had to phone it in from Nantucket in his stead for years.

But today — 1,851 days from his last video — the sexual/finance deviant known as Bert the Broker is back. And now he’s terrorizing children at a lacrosse camp called the “Money Shot Lacrosse Camp.” Because of course that’s what it’s called.

It’s good to have Bert The Broker back, Bros. Everything feels right in the world.

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