These Two Best Bros Have Been Live-Streaming With Each Other 24/7 For The Last Two Weeks Straight

Meet Rob Mor and Alex Weber, two best bros (who are also comedians) that set out on a mission on October 22, 2015 to set a world record by live-streaming with each other for two full weeks on their website called NoHangUps.TV. The pair, along with their friend Ilya Polyakov, who is the director and mastermind behind the documentary project, have so far endured 13 days talking and basically hanging out with each other 24/7.

Why in the fucking world would anyone want to live-stream with someone who isn’t a cam-girl for that long, you ask? Sensational question. I asked them. Here’s how they responded:

We’re three great buds, and one night after partying together we got rolling in an epic game of “You won’t” with Ilya daring Rob and Alex to video chat 24/7 for 14 days straight and set a World Record. And oh yeah, do it live! He’s a sick bastard!  And now, here we are on Day 14! It’s been absolutely absurd. Rob’s in Chicago and Alex is in LA, and with this nonstop, 24/7 LIVE video chat, we’ve been able to rage together on Halloween, make up stupid hung over games (like do a fantasy drafts for household pets), and of course mutual poopin’! All while testing our sanity with this tech mayhem.

This really has never been done before, and the closest competitors are two 12 year old girls who did it for 10 days — so we really wanted to crush them!

Tonight is our finale and we’ll be getting rowdy as we pop cheap ass champagne and answer any silly, crazy, or super invasive questions! The weirder the better.

Crazy rides have crazy finishes and we are all kinds of jacked up for this one!

So there you have it. As they said, today is the final day of their insane, two week live-streaming odyssey from hell (I can only assume it was hellacious). Below are a few highlights from their journey and don’t forget to follow them live, tonight at 9pm EST (6pm PST) on their site NoHangUps to see the dramatic conclusion (which will be a drunk AMA session) and also witness the relief that rolls off a man’s face the moment he realizes that he can finally masturbate in peace again.

Click here to check out their live AMA tonight at 9pm EST

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