Probably the Best Jennifer Lawrence GIF Ever, Plus Today’s Best Links on the Web

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The 100 Hottest Female Athletes of 2012, via Bleacher Report:


Spank Bank India Reynolds, via Gorilla Mask:


45 Reasons I Miss College, via The Chive:


How to Build a DOPE Beer Can, Pyramid or “Beer-amid” via Izismile:


5 Things We Need to Stop Feeling Nostalgic For, via Cracked:


Anderson Cooper vs. Twitter Trolls, who ya got? via Uproxx:


The Top 10 Reasons Thanksgiving is Evil, via Heavy:


The 10 Best Winter Beers, via Mandatory:


College Professor Thinks He`s Sooooooo Funny, via I-Am-Bored:


10 Impressive Football Tailgate Vehicles, via RSVLTS:


These Pics Will Make You LOLZ, via LadBible:


The 8 Biggest Sports Screw-Ups of The Last 30 Years, via Maxim:


What James Bond Movies Tell Us About the Economy, via Cracked:


Christina Aguilera in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology, via Guyism:


@PlayboyDotCom Approved! Meet Playboy’s Miss November 2012 + A Pair of Gorgeous Cyber Girls, via Smoking Jacket:


We Can Never Get Enough Luisana Lopilato, via CelebSlam:


15 Awkward ‘Movember’ Mustaches, via The FW:


How to Make Twinkies, via ClipNation:


The 15 Most Violent Sports Video Games, via Complex:


7 Cool Items I Wish Were Real, and Why That’s a Bad Idea, via Unreality:


How Many Women Fit Into a Mini Cooper? So Glad You Asked, via Guyspeed:

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