5 Things You Could Do to Have Better, More Intense Sex, According to Tasha Reign

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I want to start out by saying I cannot stress the idea of consensual sex enough in this article and in the way we should all live our lives. It means everything to me, and should to you as well. That being said, I love aggressive, fun, wild sex, and so do a lot of other women.

In my opinion, all sexual relationships must have someone who is submissive and someone who is dominant. And while the roles may change, and the space separating them can be great or minuscule, the juxtaposition still exists.

If you are the dominant one, like many men are, and want to take things to the next level in terms of intensity, make sure you are on the same page with your partner and have discussed this all beforehand!

Now, Ready, Set, Go!

  • Take control and show her who’s the boss! I want my man to carry me to the bedroom (or to wherever we are banging), and show me he how badly he wants me.
  • I love making out – most women do – so kiss her, play with her, and tease her. Make her wait for more. Don’t let her take your clothes off. Slowly remove hers, but show her that you are dictating the pace, and you’ll let her have your cock when you’re good and ready. We’re not used to being the ones to wait, and it drives us mad with desire!
  • I want you to ask what type of kinky stuff she’s into. Maybe she doesn’t want to come out and just say it, so ask her. If she is still secretive, take her to the sex shop and see what she likes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sometimes fantasizes about being completely powerless during sex, in which case, there are some great restraints you can buy.
  • Ask her if she wants to mutually masturbate. I had the pleasure of doing this the other day, and it was incredible. I swear it was more intimate and kinky than sex, and it really helps to close the gap between dominant and submissive… however, you can also mutually masturbate while instructing the other how to do it. You need to try this ASAP!
  • I want to be spanked, lightly choked, and receive a little hair pulling too, please! Make sure she is down for this kinky type of fuckery (Fifty Shades of Grey) before diving in. There’s a good chance she is, but I still have to repeat the phrase of the day – consensual sex!

Now go out and FUCK HARD, my Bros!



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