Big Dude Talking Shit Gets Put To Bed With One Heavy Haymaker And Now His Cheek Is A Teeny Bit Swollen

by 3 years ago

If this fight was an ad, it would have been over before the ‘Skip Ad’ button popped up. Speaking of popping, is “you tryna pop?!” what the kids are saying nowadays when they’re trying to throw down? I guess I’m just used to saying all these years “I have a bad back man, please, I’ll give you my girlfriend all the money in my wallet to leave me alone.” Man, the times. They are a-changin’.

Kinda bullshit how the big dude was at a disadvantage because his extra medium shirt was cutting off the blood circulation to his brain before the bell even rang. Tough to think clearly when your sister’s tee is suffocating your brain.


Oh, and about that golf ball in your cheek: throw some frozen peas on that sucker and you should be back to your old self in 4-6 months.

[h/t Daily Caller]

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