This Video Of A Big Shark Eating A Little Shark Is An Existential Reminder That We’re All Just Guppies In The Universe

You know why I love fishing? It’s an existential reminder of our lot in the universe. As humans, we started doing it just to earn our crown on the throne of the natural world for nourishment and subsistence. But sometimes it destroys us.

Videos like this are a stark reminder that we’re all just guppies who hit the genetic lottery with seven billion other mounds of flesh who evolved to the point where we can walk on land instead of swim in the sea. That little shark though he had an easy meal until he became a bigger shark’s easy meal. The food chain doesn’t give a fuck about you — it’s so primitive, so raw. Nature is the ultimate unforgiving badass motherfucker.

That’s sort of an analogy — You eat and get eaten. It’s the circle of life.