People Shared Their Biggest Porn Pet Peeves And These Are All 100% Accurate

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In today’s latest rendition of “Ask Reddit” we hit on a topic near and dear to the hearts of many of our readers (and writers): porn.

Not that we’re what you’d call connoisseurs of the genre (okay, perhaps some of us are), but when we saw the question posed by Redditor ApolloSt, “What is your biggest porn pet peeve?” well, that was just something we couldn’t pass up checking out.

Check out a few of the best answers (some of them are very passionate) and see if you don’t agree with them…

OMG, when they skip initial penetration. Like when it goes from the chick being done sucking homie off and next thing you know she’s riding him and you don’t even know how and when the dick got in there.

Initial entrance is one of the best parts of porn, IMO. ~ Svargas05

When you try to skip ahead and the video just starts all over again. ~ KyleMacLachlan

The dreaded “behind-the-balls” camera angle, colloquially referred to in some circles as “back-sack”. Easily the least flattering angle for all parties involved. ~ ZeldaFreak980

Fake ass moans and stupid dialogue. ~ S16_Drummer

Gagging, degrading, and painful shit. Not my cup of tea. I want to watch someone get off… not get the shit beat out of them. ~ Ted_Denslow

Too many tight close-ups. I don’t want the screen completely filled with only genitalia the whole damn time. ~ DeaconPlayback

Women moaning in the same tone for the entire thing. Guys that go “yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah” with each thrust. Shut the fuck up and get the job done. ~ DrawerFullOfDicks

When either the male or female porn star doesn’t shut the fuck up and keeps talking nonstop throughout the whole video. ~ SirGanjaSpliffington

When I’m about to finish and they decide to take an eternity switching positions… ~ Svargas05

Buffering. ~ Jebronlame5

If the audio is not sync’d properly to the video. Kills it for me. ~ RinardoEvoris

The guy keeping his socks on throughout the whole thing. ~ sirbaconnnn

When it switches to the dudes face while your jerking. Gotta slow your jerking down so you don’t finish while looking at his face… ~ ParadoxInc

I think we have a winner right there.

Check out the rest of the porn pet peeves and the probably even more entertaining comments that followed over at Reddit.

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