Billionaire Stewart Rahr Celebrates Divorce by Emailing His Own Sex Tape to Friends

by 7 years ago

From the New York Post:

In the clip we’ve seen, the orange-faced pharmaceutical mogul can be heard murmuring appreciatively and urging the three brunettes to perform sex acts on each other. The short-skirt-wearing women comply with gusto, making out before moving onto more explicit acts, which Rahr closely films. The song “I Don’t Care, I Love It” can be heard in the background. He then sent out the sex tape to scores of outraged New Yorkers with the message, “What a trip, what a crew!”


Why would the 67-year-old Rahr film his own porno, coupled with such a hip and young soundtrack? Stewart is coming off a 43-year-old marriage, and his wife, Carol, who he met before he made his billions, received a $30 million Trump Park Avenue apartment among other cash considerations. He's most likely simultaneously upset, and a little overwhelmed at his freedoms right now. Rahr is Brooks from Shawshank Redemption, only he isn't living at a halfway house—he has more liquidity than God. So he's not carving “Stewart Was Here” and kicking a chair; he's filming sex tapes with three brunettes.

One disgusted person who received the clip, thought to have been shot in the South of France, said, “This is something nobody asked to see, but I know Stewart sent it to many people unsolicited. It puts Kim Kardashian’s video to shame.”


Still, you might want to reel it back a bit there, Stewart. Just… Act like you've been there before. And take off those glasses.

[H/T: NY Post]

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