Sex Workers Shared The Weirdest Things Customers Have Ever Asked Them To Do (And How Much They Paid For It)

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Sex workers, as the name implies, get paid to have sex. What most people don’t realize that there’s this whole other part of the sex worker industry where these courtesans get paid for companionship and things that fall out of the definition of ‘dalliance’. Below, a bunch of sex workers shared the weirdest, most bizarre things they’ve ever been asked to do on the job and many of them also shared how much the customers were willing to pay for this bizarre shit (via AskReddit):

He wanted me to do his taxes with no pants on. 300/ hour.

Left the business around 13 years ago, but I still have a few memorable experiences to share.
One client wanted me to pretend to sleep, while he had his ways with me. Turned out that it only involved him groping me, spreading my ass and whispering “Oh my lovely little baby girl” while jerking off for half an hour. Just charged him my normal 30 min fee – Easy money, really!
One of my regulars progressed from licking my crotch to me facesitting him, to farting him in the face – and finally he had me pooping him in the face. It disrupted my OCD controlled toilet habits severely, but at the equivalent of around $750 per session it was all worth it.
Played the part of “suspicious customs officer” many times with another regular. Somehow it always ended up with an extremely thorough cavity search and simultaneous penis inspection. Never found anything though…

Not a sex worker, but I bang lots of dudes, and this one guy just wanted me to insult his tiny penis for like an hour while he jerked off. Tell him how tiny and useless it was. I did it, but I didn’t enjoy it, I don’t like saying bad things about cocks no matter how small they are.

Not my story, BUT… A buddy of mine in college was one of the university’s starting baseball pitchers. He also happened to be gay. (Nobody cared about the gay thing. He was a nice guy. Whatever.) After college, he got an entry-level management job in the Miami area. The pay was crap, of course, so he started moonlighting as a RentBoy to augment his income. Eventually, he got hired by some wealthy closet case. Showed up at the client’s home where he was led into the garage and shown a 50 gallon barrel. Filled with oranges. The client went into the opposite corner of the garage, stripped down naked, and asked my buddy to throw the oranges at him. As Buddy tells it: “Man, I’m gay and everything. But I was a college baseball player. I throw in the high 80’s. Are you SURE you want me to do this?” Client LOVED HIM. Buddy plunked the guy for 20 minutes and got asked back every two weeks for the next 3 years. No sex. Just oranges. C’est la vie.

I had a man once ask how much it would cost to get naked, wear sailor hats, get into a jacuzzi filled with pepto bismal, shave his ass and clip his toe nails

(forgive me in on mobile)I work at a gentleman’s club as a VIP hostess. Guests would ask me for everything they wanted (blonde girls, fake Boob girls, drugs, sex workers) and the most unusual request I got was a man was looking for an escort to take out for $800 dollars to pretend to be his wife at a company dinner. Apparently he was single and gay and lied to his co-workers about having a wife to get out of a few events. The lie got out of control I guess…

I had the chance to ask an escort this very question. She told me she had a regular who liked her to shit on his chest, then take a spoon and feed it to him.

A college friend of mine used to play a game with her bf called “Indiana Frutta” (Indiana Jones + Fruit(in italian)).
Basically she inserts chunk of sliced fruits in her vagigi and he has to discover them and pull them out with his tongue like Indiana Jone’s whip exploring a cave.

A few months ago, I was apprehensive about pegging a client who I had worked with many times as I have never done it before. Now I am known affectionately as “Peggy” by several clients
I didn’t add how much I charge because it’s all negotiable but I average $300 CAD for a 1hr pegging session

Former NY stripper checking in, Idid escort work on the side.
I had a rather well off client want me to dress up as a maid, walk in to his office while he was on the phone, squat on his desk, and pee all over it and him.
I got $1,500 for that hour, $500 for dressing up, $500 for peeing on his desk, and $500 because he wanted me to keep it a secret.

For perspective, my usual rates started at £100 an hour, £500 for an overnight and this was all ten years ago while I was at university. I never had any completely weird ones – there was always the ones who would phone up and say “Will you do me and my 6 mates for fifty quid?” and be told to fuck off, but I never seemed to get the obscure fetish types.
The ones I did have:
Man who wanted to take me to the shopping centre (he became a regular but this was from the first meeting). As in, he wanted to pay me to buy me things. After that we would go back to his and fuck, but he paid standard rates for the whole time and I kept the stuff he bought me (Sexy underwear, DVDs, books.)
An Italian man who wanted to give me head. That was it. He was a very macho type – with erectile dysfunction. Couldn’t get it up even with a blonde in lingerie sat on his lap but his logic was that he was still a man if he could make a girl come. He explained this several times and I just let him get on with it. I think a lot of what he was paying me for was to pretend everything was normal.
An older man who wanted to fuck in the changing rooms – of his shop. He tried to pay me in corsets at first, but we agreed cash + a discount on merchandise. I’d run into guys who wanted to fuck in public before, but they didn’t usually own the premises.
I had several guys who wanted me to be the stern teacher and them the naughty schoolboy. I was 19, these guys were almost always in their 50s, so it was slightly ridiculous but it apparently worked for them. They paid rates + a half, because they usually wanted to keep my stockings and fetish stuff was extra.
My experience was that there were a lot of guys who would spend ages talking about how weird their fetish was – asking me to please not be offended, saying they knew it was strange, they were very sorry – and it would turn out to be pegging. Those I filed under “fetish”, charged them time and a half, and got out the latex gloves.

A friend of mine brought a prostitute home. Paid good money for her. All well and good. Then she asked where is the washroom. She went in and didn’t come back for 30 minutes. We thought something must be wrong. The door was locked and no answer. Finally we found out that she had escaped by the window. Never to see her again. And the pimp was like: it is your problem, you should have made sure this doesn’t happen. We can’t refund.

Okay, this last one’s just straight up disgusting. Whoever requested this from a random cam chick should be tarred and feathered…

My ex girlfriend use to do amateur web camming. One night she had a rather odd request. This guy asked that she put her dildo in her ass, take it out, and then gag herself with it until she puked. She did, and I honestly couldn’t tell you how much she made off the request. I can however, tell you that she spent an obscene amount of money on me, leading me to believe the gig (or gag, ~slaps knee) payed well.

Alright, bros, that about wraps up the ‘best of’ from this AskReddit thread on sex workers sharing their weirdest requests. There are many more of these stories in that thread though, so if you want to keep reading you can CLICK ON OVER and check ’em all out!

If you’ve got anything to add to these stories then by all means share the down below in the comments. You’ll find no judgment from me!

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