Hate Pokemon? Here’s How To Block All ‘Pokemon Go’ Posts From Your Friends While They’re Out Catching Them All

Not everyone is a Pokemon fan, with the “dislike” camp splitting into two factions: those who actually hate Pokemon for whatever reason, and those who say they hate it for the sake of being against the pop culture grain. If you fall into either of these two groups, congrats – there’s now a way for you to block Pokemon Go posts from your timeline.

“Pokemon Go Away!” is a Chrome extension that uses an “advanced detection system that is able to detect most posts concerned Pokemon Go without the string explicitly being present in the post.” Currently, it is compatible with Facebook, Twitter and 9gag:

If for some reason you visit any other websites besides those three, according to Lifehacker there’s also “Pokemon NO!” which is supposed to work on any web page. The main downside, however, is that you have to click on the plugin for it to work – but if you hate the little digital monsters just as much as the next guy, that’s probably a small price to pay for a little sanity.

Or you could just, y’know…stop being so contrary and jump on ship with the rest of us. It’s fun! We have finger foods, pastries, and eat whatever we want since we spend the whole day running around outside burning calories by looking for Pokemon.

Come to the dark side, friends…we know you’d love it here.

[H/T Lifehacker]