Dude Gets Decked In The Face During A Massive Meathead Fight At The Boca Bash In Florida

If you’re not from South Florida, you’re probably not familiar with the Boca Bash. It’s a legendary day party where hundreds if not thousands of boats gather in Lake Boca Raton (“…the laziest city in America!”) for an afternoon of sleaziness. Things get aggressive and rowdy after too many beer bongs, so you get a scene like the one above.

No idea who started what and why, but the one dude gets clobbered pretty hard in the video above. It’s a 7/10 fight video, mostly because fighting on your daddy’s Boston Whaler is as Bro as it gets.

The whole video reminds me of this meathead fight from a few years back.

BTW, there was plenty of scenery at the 2016 Bocca Bash based on Instagram: