Boss-Like Peruvian Policeman Survives 17 Days in Jungle after Being Shot

by 8 years ago

Astuquillca was part of a team tasked with searching for 36 gas workers who had been kidnapped by the Shining Path Rebels. They didn’t find the hostages but they did find the Rebels. After a brief firefight that killed four other policemen and receiving the gunshot wounds, this dude escaped into the jungle along with another policeman who is still missing.

Since it seemed impossible that anyone could survive the Peruvian jungle, let alone a guerilla ambush, the Shining Path Rebels claim that the young policeman had been “annihilated” with the others seemed reasonable. So everyone pretty much wrote him off. But while all the people back home were grieving over the loss, Astuquillca was tramping through the jungle eating multi-colored bugs, foraging for diarrhea berries, and drinking his own urine or whatever the hell it is you do when you’re surviving in the jungle. His straight-up “Man vs. Wild” ordeal was finally over when he came upon a small village in “good shape overall” (yeah, except for the two bullet wounds and probably some crazy jungle diseases).

The hostages were released six days later unharmed. Exact details of how he survived haven’t come out yet. How much do you want to bet that he rubbed one out at least once? I mean, no matter what the situation is, 17 days is a long time.

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