This Bouncer Wore A GoPro On New Year’s Eve And The Phrase ‘Hell Is Other People’ Has Never Been More Applicable

by 3 years ago

New Year’s Eve generally brings out the worst of the worst, but I’d have to imagine this bouncer deals with utter shitbaggery on a nightly basis. If the definition of hell actually is other people, then the 7th circle of hell must be comprised of other people who are drunk and obnoxious.

As you watch the video, you will amazingly hate each person you see more than the last, but try to curtail your own rage and take note how the bouncer reacts. Dude is ICE COLD under pressure. It’s impressive how patient he remains while drunk people plead with him and, at times, threaten to kick his ass. I suppose that’s why they hired him, right? Most bars don’t want their bouncers beating the living shit out of people on a nightly basis. As personally fulfilling as it probably is for this bouncer to drive a drunk asshole’s head through his fucking shoes, it might be bad for business.

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