Pro Boxer Engaged To Woman Claims He Was Drugged After A Gay Porn Movie Of Him Having Sex With 2 Men Surfaces

by 4 years ago

35-year-old Yusaf Mack, a former light heavyweight contender from Philadelphia, claims that a gay porn movie that features Mack having sex with two men was taken without his consent and believes the creators of the film drugged him when he showed up to casting. However, Mack does not deny that he had agreed to take part in a porno — he admits that he needed the money. According to Daily Mail,

Mack said he was contacted with an offer to do porn on Facebook and traveled from Philadelphia to New York one night to make the video, believing it would be heterosexual.

He went to an address in the Bronx, where he said there were naked women walking around.

‘I think, ”It’s about to go down”,’ he told

‘I needed a drink or something. They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka.

‘I took the pill down with the vodka.’

Mack claims he has no memory from that point.

Mack states that the next thing he remembers is “someone waking him up on a train at 30th street” and that there was $4,500 cash in his pocket. Rather than contacting the authorities, Mack reportedly “chose to forget what happened and went home.”

however everything came back to haunt him on October 16, when he was out in Philadelphia and realized some of his friends were not speaking to him.

Finally someone pulled him aside and explained that people had seen the video.

‘I don’t know what y’all are talking about,’ Mack told them.

‘That ain’t me. I don’t remember that.’

His friends then convinced Mack it was him in the video.(via)

Mack Maintains his innocence, however there is no word on whether or not there is an investigation pending.

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