Remember The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Won A Contest To Live With A Porn Star For A Month? Yeah, It Was A Hoax

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Today in “Sorry Not Sorry To Burst Your Bubble News” we have the story about the 16-year-old kid who won a contest whose grand prize was that he got to live with a porn star for a month. Now, I know we’d all like to believe in Santa Claus, but did anyone think this was actually real? Anyone? While the original story had the whole thing taking place in Russia, making it ever so slightly more plausible, that doesn’t mean it was actually legit:

The teenager spoke earlier this week about how “happy” and “boiling inside” he was after finding out his prize and astonishingly Ekaterina, thought to be in her mid-20s, said she wasn’t ruling out sex with the boy.

But since news of his controversial win spread, the media in Russia – where the boy is from – were to call it out as a fake.

It was revealed that Ruslan is actually a child actor who appears on several Russian movie databases, with at least 20 roles on major TV channels in Russia.

The man behind the competition, Dmitry Beseda, refused to admit the contest by Cases4Real had been a marketing stunt but described it as a “fun competition” in an interview to TJournal.(via)

TJournal was also reportedly unable to confirm the identity of the boy’s supposed mother, who was described as “not thrilled” by our own Douglas Charles. Even the kid’s sister who was “interviewed” as having said, “I’m against it [brother staying with a porn star] too. I don’t think it is any kind of chance for him. He can find a girlfriend if he likes,” is believed to be an actress as well.

This concludes today’s episode of “Sorry Not Sorry To Burst Your Bubble News.”

[H/T Mirror]

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