My Girlfriend Wants To Break Up For The Summer? I Found Out My Girl Banged The Basketball Team Before Dating Me?

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Q: My girlfriend and I have moved in together about 5 months ago, and from that moment she and her mother have been adamant about wanting us to get married. I still have not popped the question, and don’t plan to any time soon. As a result, our life together is falling apart. We don’t have sex, we argue and fight all the time, and she complains that we never spend any time together, yet I don’t see my friends for extended periods of time. She even gets mad when I go play golf on Sunday with my dad. Could this attitude change from her be because we still aren’t engaged? Or is it something else?

A: Oh my god WHY DON’T YOU JUST FUCKING TALK TO HER. If you think that the only thing that’s changed between the two of you is the fact that her mother is riding her ass about the two of you getting married then bring it up to her and set the facts straight: you’re not popping the question, you have no intentions of doing it anytime soon and she needs to tell her mom to calm the fuck down. If your girlfriend’s only become clingy since her mom’s been bitching at her about matrimony, then that’s probably it. But you need to ask her; you can’t just make an assumption and go off all half-cocked like you’re Freud.

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Q: I recently found out that my current girlfriend has hooked up with half of our school’s basketball team before we started dating. I always felt like the players looked at her funny whenever we went to games, but I figured it was just me being paranoid. I don’t know how I feel about her anymore knowing this information?

A: Has your girlfriend magically changed mentally and physically between the time you didn’t know about her sexual history and now? No? Then I don’t see why it matters. So what if it’s the basketball team? Would it make a difference if she slept with a bunch of randos prior to you? Yes? Why? Because they don’t play basketball? Who cares. As long as she’s not cheating on you with them it shouldn’t make a difference. Would you want her judging you on who you’ve banged in the past? No, because it’s not like it changes who you are as a person in the present.

Tl;dr: it doesn’t matter who she’s had sex with unless you’re an insecure douche.

Q: My girlfriend says she wants to break up just for the summer so we can have “fun” and then get back together in the fall. Does she want this so she can have sex with other people? I don’t understand.

A: In short — yeah probably. If you two aren’t long distance or anything problematic like that then she probably just wants to have fun flirting with dudes in a bikini on the beach without having to feel guilty about it. The bright side to this situation is that you can do the same thing (which chicks, obviously) and not feel guilty since this is a two-way street, but if breaking up for the summer months isn’t something you want regardless then you need to tell her. I can’t say whether or not she’ll break up with you anyways — but if she can’t respect your wishes to stay together through the summer then “eh.” You can do better.

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