5 Ways To Bring Up The Idea Of Anal Sex To Your Girlfriend, According To Tasha Reign

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Tasha Reign

How do you present the idea of anal sex to your partner? It’s a touchy subject isn’t it? Well, first you must keep in mind that besides being touchy (literally), anal sex is also abstract. Sometimes I wonder if anything is really supposed to go up there and then when I orgasm, I remember my motivation in the first place. Here are some slippery ways to loosen your girls mind (and anus) up. Happy hunting!

Test the Waters with Your Finger: A finger in the hole is a nice “opener.” I personally enjoy it, even during vaginal intercourse, and it will help her mind grasp the fact that she likes the curious feeling (and so do you).

Praise Her Booty: Compliment her adorable ass, and rave about how much it turns you on, and how exciting and riveting it would be for you to be able to experience that type of intimacy with her!

Incorporate Stimulants into Your Seduction: Buy lube and anal toys for your girl, and take her along with you to an adult store and make a few flirty comments. Ask her opinion on certain toys, and tell her how much you would appreciate it. Let her know you’re interested in experimenting!

Ass Licks and Orgasms: This is my personal favorite, and a highly suggested route. I love it so much, and for some reason it really relaxes the anus and creates extra room for a dick after your tongue has thoroughly warmed it up! I’m always more inclined to put something big up there after I orgasm from oral sex or even vaginal sex.

Just a Tip: I recently took anal off my list of acts that I will do in porn. I still do it on camera, but only on com because when I film for myself I don’t feel any pressure to warm up, and do anal on command. This is not a circus, and I am not a monkey folks. 🙂 So my point is to respect anal sex as something special deserving of the right moment.

Just to rehash, anal sex is bomb but pussy is better, and 99 percent of expert men will tell you that. Pussies hug back and butt holes do not. Think about it. Hugs on your cock are always the best!



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