U.K. May Try To Restrict Access To Porn Because They Think Too Many People Are Having Butt Sex

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The British government is butting into the bedroom behavior of their citizens. They have put out a warning that too many young people are having anal sex. Which is weird, because you would think that the government would love butt stuff since they always bend you over and ravage your puckered balloon-knot when tax day comes along.

Officials at the U.K. Department for Culture, Media and Sport are concerned with the increasing numbers of young people are trying anal sex. The organization is confused by the rising numbers of women engaging in the act, despite “research” suggesting it is “not pleasurable for women.”

The department has gotten to the bottom of all this sphincter-stretching action… and the culprit is porn.

From a document by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport:

“Furthermore, seven out of 10 said that ‘pornography leads to unrealistic
attitudes to sex’ and that ‘pornography can have a damaging impact on young people’s
views of sex or relationships.’ There is also a question about the effect of pornography on ‘unwanted sex,’ for instance more young people are engaging in anal intercourse than ever before despite research which suggests that it is often not seen as a pleasurable activity for young women.

While the increase in anal sex cannot be attributed directly to pornography consumption, it does feature in a large percentage of mainstream pornography (for example, one content analysis found it featured in 56% of sex scenes).”

Holy shit! I had no idea that anal was in more than half of porn. I guess that really does give porn a brown eye.

“Many people worry that young people will come to expect their real life sexual experiences to mirror what they or their peers see in pornography, which often features ambiguous depictions of consent, submissive female stereotypes and unrealistic scenarios,” the document states.

While most of us couldn’t give a shit and will just put this information behind us, the butthurt department wants to be a pain in the ass and restrict access to porn in an effort to lower the amount of butt sex. What assholes.

In the end, even if they do crack down on anal sex porn, you know someone will always find a backdoor.

I probably shouldn’t be too patriotic, but fuck it. I thank my lucky 50 stars that I live in America, land of the free, home of the brave, and where you can watch butt sex vids until your arm falls off.


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