British Sniper Kills Six Taliban Fighters With One Bullet from a Half-Mile Away

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One bullet. SIX KILLS.

Shit. That’s some efficient sniper-ing.

While the exact sniper was not named, we do know the record-breaking shot was pulled off by a lance corporal who was a Coldstream Guards marksman on one of the last missions by British troops in Afghanistan. And we also know five of the six kills were thanks to dumb luck because the Taliban fighter he shot was wearing a suicide vest.

According to the Daily Mail:

The sniper, a lance corporal who cannot be named for security reasons, was on a mission to intercept a suspected suicide bomber.

Commanders feared the insurgent was planning to blow himself up at either a UK base, an Afghan security checkpoint or a civilian target such as a school or government building.

‘There was a pause on the radio and the sniper said: “I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber.” The rest of them were killed in the blast.’

The sniper also killed a Taliban machine gunner from a staggering 4,400ft with the first shot of his tour of duty.

It is believed he was using a British-built L115A3 Long Range Rifle, the Army’s most powerful sniper weapon. He was so far away the 8.59mm-calibre bullet would have taken one second to reach the target.

Lt Col Slack said: ‘He has had a great tour of duty.’

You don’t fuckin’ say…

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