Clever Bro Uses A Drone To Deliver A Beer To His Sexy Sunbathing Bikini-Clad Neighbor

by 4 years ago

YouTube - Jeff3230

We’ve seen drones used for a lot of things since they came into existence, but this bro may have just found the best use for one yet.

Watch as his sexy bikini-clad neighbor sends this bro a text asking him if he can bring her over a beverage. Showing a little ingenuity that any lazy person like myself can appreciate, he attaches a beer to his drone and sends it over the trees to his neighbor with perfect precision.

Dude did the sexy lady a favor, scoring some always needed points, and didn’t even have to make the long walk to do it.

You sir, are a real man of genius.

Before settling down at BroBible, Douglas Charles, a graduate of the University of Iowa (Go Hawks), owned and operated a wide assortment of websites. He is also one of the few White Sox fans out there and thinks Michael Jordan is, hands down, the GOAT.

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