Bro Comes Up With A Genius Opening Line On Tinder That’s So Simple It May Even Get YOU Laid



The matches are the easy part, especially if you use the ‘speed-swipe’ technique like I do (cast a larger net, brah. More swings, more hits.) Distinguishing yourself in a sea of thirsty bros is more challenging. Many of us have our arsenal of 2-3 openers, all which work at varying success. I usually start with a cheesy joke that says “hey this guy has a tasteful sense of humor, I kind of want to fuck him!” even though I’m a raunchy degenerate with a moderate to severe drinking problem. Regardless, this one works well (aka one girl responded):

Me: Haiiii, have you heard the joke about the broken pencil?
Her: No.
Me: Nevermind, it’s pointless.

Hey, different strokes for different folks.

I may have to adopt this bros Tinder pick up line. So simple. So brilliant. So effective.



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Live look at this dude right now:

[h/t LADbible]