Bro Grows His Beard For A Year And Awesomely Documents His Transition Into Grizzly Adam

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Someone from Duck Dynasty once said it best: “There are two types of people in the world without beards — Women and children and I am neither.” This Bro in the U.K. had the foresight to snap a pic of his face every day for a year. The result is a video documenting his transition into the ginger-beard equivalent of Grizzly Adams.

I always admire people who can pull off a project like this. For the last four years, I’ve done six months with beard, six months without. Usually I’ll start it on October then grow it until I can’t stand it any longer — Usually around March or April, right when the weather is starting to get better on the East Coast.

The good thing about a six-month beard is that after three months, you always vaguely look like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Reverent. It never really gets stringy and gross, as long as you’re conditioning it and keeping it fresh. Towards the end, though, this guy’s beard got mangy. That’s when you know you gotta freshen it up a little bit.

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