Bro of the Week is Full of Inspiring Stories and Farts

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Coleman Shannon
This inspiring 14-year-old Bro, who suffers from tetra-amelia syndrome, channeled Jim Abbot and threw a no-hitter. Enough said.

Jon Hamm
The guy’s just a straight shooter. Ol’ Donny Drapes was the talk of the Web for his viral video in which he dispenses advice to teen girls. Trust him, he’s a man. He’s 41. Just ask him.

Gary Busey
The certified crazy ranted and raved in a special outtake session surrounding the release of “Piranha 3DD.” Among the topics he sagely covers: farting, steak, and how to kill killer fish. Also, more importantly, he spawned the term “Buseyliicious,” which is sure to sweep the nation.

David West
Bro catches a foul ball in his overpriced ballpark beer and chugs it down. If you’re going to be famous for something, this as fine an option as any.

Patrick Kane
The Chicago Blackhawks star owned Madison on Cinco de Mayo. He drank, he caroused, and he wore a neon-green shirt with his own face on it. That’s the hat trick of drinking douchebaggery. And still, you’ve got to respect a guy so committed to his craft.

Adam Yauch
Passed away at the age of 47. A giant in the music world, MCA leaves behind a mountain of unforgettable lines and hooks. Saying goodbye to him was saying goodbye to a part of our youth.

You tell us. Who's the Bro of the Week?

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