Bro of the Week is Full of Perfection and P*ssy

by 7 years ago

Philip Humber
The 29-year-old journeyman became an unlikely member of baseball’s perfect game club. The Chicago White Sox hurler went into Sunday’s game against the Seattle Mariners with just 11 career wins and came out of it a legend. Subsequent appearances on every television and radio show known to man followed and he became a household name. Oh, yeah, he and his wife are also expecting a child on May 8. Life’s good for Humber. Perfect, almost.

Real-life Hangover crew
Three drunk Australian dudes took the lessons they learned in the boozy blockbuster and applied them to real life, breaking into a Sea World and stealing a penguin named Dirk. They also videotaped themselves swimming with dolphins, which probably seemed like a great idea at the time. With trespassing charges being levied, they may regret their actions.

Cornel Hrisca-Munn
This guy can absolutely crush it on drums, which is even more impressive considering he was born without arms. Here’s his cover of “Call Me Maybe.” When he’s not rocking out, Hrisca-Munn is an honors student at Oxford University. A real Renaissance Bro.

Martee Tenner
When you’re a running back at tiny Lincoln University (Mo.), you’ve got to do something pretty special to get nationwide recognition. Flipping over a defender, landing on your feet, and continuing down the field would certainly qualify. Tenner one-upped Jerome Simpson’s high-flying acrobatics at a recent scrimmage. Big-league skills for a small-school kid.

Brian McKnight
The R&B singer is on a humanitarian crusade to show women how their p*ssies work. I can think of no higher calling. This is the pickup line of the year. Applaud this man. And bestow upon him Bro of the Week honors if you think he’s worthy.

You tell us. Who should be the Bro of the Week?

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