Bro of the Week is Full of Winning and Questions About Drugs

by 7 years ago

LeBron James
It’s about damn time the best player in the NBA got the monkey off his back and won a championship. His first triple-double of the year sealed the second title in Miami Heat franchise history. James was named the Finals MVP and, if nothing else, put to rest that tired narrative that’s surrounded him since The Decision. Oh, yeah, he also rapped with LMFAO. A full week for sure.

Nik Wallenda
All he did was become the first person to walk across Niagara Falls on a highwire. What more do you want out a man, you rubes? The 33-year-old stuntman described the walk as “relaxing” and “peaceful.” OK, so he’s a bit of a showoff. But, hey, that’s a trait of a true Bro.

Jungle Bird
This pyscho crashed Bob Costas’ interview of Webb Simpson after the golfer had, against all odds, won the U.S. Open. He brought joy to our life and somehow got away without any punishment. Totally worth it, Jungle Bird. May you fly as high as your dreams.

‘What is Drugs Guy’
I mean, just watch.

Bill Murray
Bro continued his almost unrivaled awesomeness with this amazing 12-minute induction speech. If you don’t appreciate Bill Murray, well, you’re just a monster. Consider his body of work. He should be in the Bro Hall of Fame.

There you go. Short and sweet, like a methhead likes his coffee. Who's your Bro of the Week?

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