Bro On Tinder Has A Smooth Way To Get A Girl’s Number By Offering To Sign Her Up For A Costco Card

Costco is heaven on earth. Every time I go there, I already say to myself “OK, Brandon — You’re just going to buy some bulk toilet paper and call it a day.” Yeah, that’s never happens. Last time I ended up with five gallons of margarita mix, four pounds of Swedish fish, a gallon of body wash, 10 pounds of frozen shrimp, and a some new patio furniture. I have no need for patio furniture, but because it was there I bought it. I also bought a 30 pack of Charmin.

You get the point. Costco is amazing. This Bro on Tinder started preaching the Costco gospel to a lady he matched with. Then he figured out a silky smooth way to get her digits so he could show her The Way and The Light with a first date visit to said Cosco.

Smooth. So, so smooth.


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