Bro Pulls A ‘William Tell’ By Knocking Block Off Wife’s Head With Golf Ball

“Fire a golf ball at your wife’s heads – see, when you shoot it at a friend’s head, if you miss, there are no repercussions. If you f@*% this up, well you gotta live with her for the rest of your life.”

I can’t tell which is more impressive, the fact that this guy was able to talk his wife into this, or the fact that he was able to successfully knock the block off on his first attempt. You can tell that this guys in definitely ‘in the zone.’ He kills it with the monologue, and then he effortlessly knocks the block off. My favorite part of the video is definitely his celebration ritual which includes a high-pitched squeal, high-knees, and finally the classic arm-pump.

Also, love that “Dallas Sucks” shirt. That’s money.