Bro Has A+ Pun Game That Turns Sour When He Doesn’t Take Hint It’s Not Working, Ruins His Chances At Getting Laid

by 3 years ago

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You can’t really tell how attractive this guy is judging from the tiny and currently blurred-out thumbnails of his face, but in my book he’s a 10/10. Can you think of anyone in your life with this much commitment to one awful joke? I hope not. But imagine if he utilized his ability to stomp his foot in the mud and stubbornly shout “I’M DOING THIS TODAY AND THAT IS IT” to other aspects in life – getting a job, haggling for a used car, cussing out your dentist when he recommends you get your wisdom teeth pulled – life sounds just DANDY when you’ve got this guy around to do all the annoying shit you can’t be bothered with.

And yet the ability to realize you’re getting nowhere and that it’s time to quit while you’re ahead is invaluable – maybe this guy could’ve gotten laid if he’d stopped making geography puns after the first one or two, but his chances are completely fucked at this point. In my mind he did this intentionally for the sake of the joke – and because he’s overflowing with commitment no matter how stupid the cause, of course:









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