This Bro Raised $40,000 In Five Days Via Kickstarter To Make Potato Salad

by 6 years ago


All Zack “Danger” Brown wanted was to make some potato salad from scratch. I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to do that considering we live in America and can get amazing potato salad for pennies at any corner store, but hey, sometimes you get a craving. Unfortunately for Zack, due to poor career decisions, he admitted, “I’m not at a point in my life where I could assume that level of risk.”

Where does someone go who has a dream, but doesn’t quite have the financial backing to make it happen – legal internet panhandling vehicle, Kickstarter! On July 3rd, Brown posted a modest ad, setting a goal of $10 in order to buy the ingredients to make the creamy spud dish. What happened next astounded even a man who has a middle name of Danger.

The Kickstarter blew up, and not only did he meet his goal, he far, far, far, far, far, surpassed it. As of this writing, Brown has raised $38,982 for his potato salad, which should be enough to make at LEAST two bowls of it.

Since exceeding his goal, he’s set some new stretch goals for those who donate, such as throwing a potato salad party. If you’re interested in donating, or just want to keep tabs on how high this potato salad fundraiser gets, check it out here.

What a crazy weird place the Internet is, huh? Stories like this always crack me up, but then I realize we will all face certain death someday, and then I’m like, oh, whatever, this is stupid.

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