Diesel Gym Bro Doesn’t Let The Iowa Caucus Get In The Way Of His Pump, Rows Through A Ted Cruz Speech

For awhile we’ve been using the phrase Brolection 2016 as a way to anchor our election coverage. Because to us, that’s what matters in 2016. The Bro angle. We know you Bros wanna know what’s up and we know you want to be informed in a way that doesn’t suck (with like GIFs of girls grabbing their boobs under policy points: Here’s Bernie Sander’s Climate Change Plan. Here’s Lea Michele’s Ass.)

(Admittedly, a lot of you don’t agree with a lot of our coverage, but hey, we can’t change the fact we’re pot smoking liberals from New York.)

Up until recently, we didn’t have a spirit animal. A Bro we could all rally behind. That changes today. For this dude hitting the rowing machine while Ted Cruz gives his stump speech is all of us. Because that’s all this election really is. An excuse to get swole.

So pump the vote this November. It’s the Bro thing to do.

[Via Fox News and somewhere else]

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