Bro Scores A Layup By Parking His Car In His Dorm Parking Lot, Instantly Gets A Girl’s Number



There is a very cool story on Imgur this afternoon about a Bro scoring a layup, scoring a girl’s number and date simply by parking his car in a dorm parking lot.

It goes like this: He parked his shiny Dodge Challenger in a dorm parking lot for the night. When he woke up, a note was on his windshield…




Bruh… TOO EASY. And of course, he texted it, which led to this exchange…



Bro! The lady wants to know if this is a V6 or a V8! Amazing! Dream girl. The date just kinda happens without even having to think about it, even though you have NO IDEA what this chick looks like. I guess you’ll find out soon enough. You damn better be finding out.

Considering the fact that the girl was attracted to your car before, uh, you, maybe consider a prenup if this relationship blossoms over time into a beautifully materialistic marriage. After all, it’s YOUR car and in holy matrimony it becomes 50% her car when you say “I Do.”

But yeah, your car is sick, Bro. All we’re saying is be careful.

[H/T: Imgur]