Bro Surprises His Dad For His Birthday By Hiding In The Back Of A Car Trunk And The Dad’s Reaction Is Priceless

This video hit me right in the feels. A couple weeks ago my brother, sister, and I threw a surprise retirement party for my mom, which involved me sneaking around my hometown for 24 hours while the rest of my family tried to keep her occupied. Heck, just a couple minutes before she walked into the room we were all gathered in she shot me a text message, completely obvious to the fact that I was there and not in NYC like I was alluding to.

Anyway, the second she walked into a room with all her friends and family gathered is a moment I’ll never forget. I’m glad I got it on video. Have to imagine this guy feels the same about a surprise he pulled on his old man:

Flew out to Chicago for my dads birthday, he didn’t know I was coming. My mom picked me up and just before we got to the house I hid in the trunk of the car. She asked him if he could grab a few things from the trunk when she got home…

You’re going to treasure that video forever. Gets me a little choked up inside to see how happy his dad is after he scares him. Stuff like that hits right in the feels.