BroBible Goes to Vegas, Takes Smirnoff’s People’s Challenge

by 9 years ago

Last week, the good people over at Smirnoff invited Waffs and I out to Vegas along with our boys KFC and kmarko from Barstool NY. Smirnoff said it was for their People's Challenge, the massively hyped blind taste test where they put Smirnoff head-to-head against other premium vodkas. False pretenses. I'm not saying they lied, but I'm pretty sure they were actually really anxious to see what happens when you drop four derelicts from BroBible and Barstool in Las Vegas, feed them lots of vodka (disclaimer: this was completely voluntary), and set them loose at spots like Red Square, Venus at Caesars, Tao Beach, and Tao Nighclub. I'd love to spend some time recapping, but I'll be abiding by rules 1 and 10 of Waffles' Cardinal Rules for Visiting Las Vegas. One hint: at the end of the night, we definitely landed and pissed a lot of money away at a destination that's name includes A) a popular gum flavor and B) a horned animal. 

The tasting itself went down at Tao Beach on Thursday night. After a quick tutorial on vodka, how it's made (grain, rye, or potato), and what to look for in tasting, we ripped through the five unlabeled cups one-by-one. In order from best to worst, I chose 3, 2, 4, 5, 1. We then found at the cups were:
1) Absolut
2) Smirnoff
3) Grey Goose
4) Belvedere
5) Chopin
As you can see, I actually chose Smirnoff as number 2. That said, I have a terrible vodka palette and five out of the seven people in our group actually did choose Smirnoff. A blind taste test is a ballsy move on their part, which is something any Bro can respect. The after party at Tao was rad; check out the video after the jump.

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