BroBible Launches National and New York City Calendar

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BroBible is proud to announce the launch of our new BroBible Calendar section, a day-by-day, month-by-month guide to everything that's important in a Bro's life. We've got sports games, movies, happy hours and restaurant deals, concerts, and lots more. It's all easily sortable by event type, day, and location. In the coming weeks and months, we'll also be posting original stories, guides, Top 10 lists, interviews, videos, and more, all tailored to individual cities and interests. It will all be easily archived so you can make last-minute plans on the fly or plan a big weekend with all your Bros (or girl). You can also suggest an event for us to include on our calendar and share with us the “Aftermath” — stories, photos, and videos from last night's big event.

We're starting off with a National Calendar and a New York Calendar, but hope to quickly expand to the Washington D.C./Baltimore area, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, and beyond. If you think your city or college town needs a BroBible Calendar, let us know!

On the National Calendar you'll find:

  • The complete college football schedule for every week of the season. Week 1 (which begins Sept. 2) is already live, but we'll post the rest of the schedule by the end of the weekend.
  • The complete NFL schedule for every week of the season. Weeks 1 through 8 are already up.
  • New movie openings, with links to Fandango for easy ticket buying.
  • New DVD, music album, video game releases, with links to iTunes and Amazon for quick purchases.
  • Electronics, gadgets, and gear releases.
  • What's On TV Tonight, which will now run here, not on the Buzz, as well as TV season and series premiere dates.
  • Major festivals, sports, and events that draw crowds from across the country — Bonarroo, the Final Four, Bowl Games, Daytona, Preakness, the Super Bowl, Jazz Fest, Sundance, etc.
  • Major holidays.

On the New York Calendar you'll find:

  • Home game listings for the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Devils, Islanders, Red Bulls, and Lizards, including links to SeatGeek, where you can search for tickets currently available on StubHub, TicketsNow, Ticketnetwork, Razorgate, and other ticket sites.
  • Exclusive restaurant deals offered by our partners at Village Vines; you pay $10 to reserve a table at some of the city's top restaurants and get up to 30% off your entire check, drinks included.
  • Happy hour listings for local bars and clubs.
  • Concert listings for the city's biggest and most intimate music venues.
  • Notable comedian appearances at the city's top comedy clubs.
  • Fashion, electronic, and gear sales at Bros' very stores.
  • City-wide events like festivals, parades, parties, and more.
  • All National Calendar events.

As we continue to add more and more events, the Calendar will fill up quickly, but we've organized it so that you can make quick sense of everything that's going on. You can navigate between the National and New York calendar either in the global navigation bar or by clicking on one of the thumbnail images at the top of the page. On the grid calendar itself, today's date will always be in blue. Hovering over an abbreviated event name will reveal the full headline. Just click on the event and it will bring you to that event's individual page. You can also browse to the next or previous month by clicking on the » and « buttons in the top right and left corners of the calendar.

Below the grid calendar you'll find a listing of all of Today's events, Tomorrow's events, and This Week and Beyond's events (i.e. anything after tomorrow). Each time category is limited to five events each, so just click on “See All Events for…” to see that day's full listings. Another tip is to click on the small red type above an event's headlines. Clicking on NATIONAL or NEW YORK will bring up all events in those locations; clicking on the event type after the // — e.g. MOVIE OPENING, NFL GAME, CONCERT — will bring up all events of that type in that location. Give it a try.

We also want you to participate in the building of our Calendar. You can suggest an upcoming event for either the National or New York Calendar by clicking here. And you can Share the Aftermath of last night or last weekend's events by sending in your personal recaps, photos, and videos via this form. It won't go up automatically like a Brommunity post; we'll look it over, edit it if necessary, and post it on the site if we think it's of interest to other Bros across the country or in New York.

This is a very new system (literally minutes old), so please bear with us as we work out the kinks over the next 48 hours and continue to add more and more events.

Check out the National Calendar and New York Calendar now!

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