Traveling Bros Discover Their Room Key Is A Master Key To Every Room In Their Hotel, Somehow Don’t Rob The Place Blind

During a trip to the Rubicon trail in California, two Bros discovered that their hotel room key was actually a master key to every room in the hotel. Somehow, SOMEHOW, this video has over three million views on YouTube and my only question is…


who the fuck watched this, and why the fuck did you watch it? 

This video is literally two dudes opening doors with a key. That’s it. And because this is so stupid I’m going to repeat myself for emphasis, because what the hell – THIS VIDEO IS LITERALLY TWO DUDES OPENING DOORS WITH A KEY. All the people on YouTube making original content and spending countless hours writing scripts and framing shots, go ahead and throw all that effort away because apparently all you need to do is film yourself opening doors in some ratchet hotel if you want views.

Fucking stupid.

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